Loans are now requested with the smartphone

In recent years, however, even online has undergone its own revolution: the smartphone. According to the most recent stat data (referring to 2018), 89.2% of Italians who connect to the network do so using a mobile terminal against 45.4% of those who use a desktop computer. And 30.4% of the total surfers go online through the exclusive use of the mobile phone. If the majority of consumers prefer the smartphone, it is therefore evident that the next step, even in the world of loans, is to go from the browser of the home or office PC to dedicated apps for mobile terminals.Although in many cases, it must be said, it is still simply the transposition into mobility of the functions already usable for some time via computer, however, there are also offers that are created specifically for the smartphone.


Access financing directly from the mobile terminal

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Interesting, in this sense, is Agos4Now, launched for a couple of years by Agos. The app is open to everyone and not only to Agos customers and allows you to obtain financing of up to 3,000 dollars. Once the application has been downloaded from the Play Store for Android or from the App Store for Apple users, the consumer decides, through the loan simulator, what is the sum of money to be requested and what the monthly installment for the repayment. Best Bank also has its application, both on Android and on iOs: Best Bank  Mobile.You cannot request a loan directly from your smartphone but you can manage existing loans, for example by changing or skipping the installment.Also on the Apple and Google stores, the Cream Bank app is obviously available, which allows you to perform simulations to find the tailor-made loan, but also to access all the news on loans and consumer credit, to stay updated and find answers to the main questions relating to requests for funding.


Real-time evaluation of merit and instant delivery

Among the many institutions that dedicate a space to loans within their apps that convey all their mobile banking services, there are however also special cases: credit line, up to a maximum of 5,000 dollars, to be used a little at a time for individual purchases , deciding the amounts of individual loans and the methods of repayment. In the case of the Intesa Sanpaolo service, you must have been a bank account holder for at least six months and this kind of requirement is very frequent in the offer of loans obtainable on the move.

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